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         *Fascial Taping *Holistic Nutrition Counselling

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. What I do as a Nutritionist is help people with their diet, nutrition choices and questions, and counsel them to live a healthier lifestyle.

The connection between nutrition and massage may not be clear to some, but they are both a direct way of becoming and/or maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. I can be utilized for helpful hints and a little assistance, or a food and lifestyle coach, or anything in between. 

The Holistic Approach:

Addresses the body as a whole

Emphasizes prevention instead of cure

Treats the causes not just the symptoms

I specialize in:

Natural, Healthy Lifestyles

Weight/Fat loss

Food intolerances

Boosting Immune Systems

Infant nutrition/introducing foods

I will work with clients to create a balanced diet with whole and natural foods based on their individual needs and goals.