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Cupping Therapy is a technique that creates a suction using a cup. It draws the skin up into the cup and separates the layers of superficial fascia, drawing blood to the level of the skin. This causes new blood to rush in below, removing stagnation. It is common to be left with a mark called an ecchymosis, which is not a bruise but is caused by seepage of blood from the vessels. 

As the client, you would feel the skin pulling or a pinching feeling, that can be mild or strong depending on your desire and comfort level. 

Some of the BENEFITS of Cupping are:

-Increases blood circulation

-Increases the function of sweat glands

-Increases the secretion of toxins

-Increases the fluids around layers of fasciaI

-Increases range of motion by decreasing fascial restrictions which can effect deeper tissues and organs

-Decreases muscle tension

-Decreases restrictions from scars and adhesions

-Specifically beneficial to the I.T. Band as it is a thick fascial and should not be compressed with foam rolling

-Stimulates digestive fluids

-Relief from lung congestion

-Improvement with chronic inflammation

-May provide a sedative effect